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Cold Feet
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28th-Apr-2008 09:17 am - resolved
greek owl
resolved: no more fucking around on the internet & other dysfunctional computing habits. well, less, and more managed.

resolved: will do daily tasks daily: mail, catlitter, dishes, laundry

resolved: will make daily progress on the Big Tasks that need to be done before Yoohoo

resolved: will not wallow in depression

i am owl!queue!
25th-Apr-2008 10:52 am - Big O
Hi there - M just posted a video of the Big O walking through the woods. Perhaps too sappy for a non family member? Or perhaps not?

YOU be the judge:


23rd-Apr-2008 11:10 am - philly etc
greek owl
yo beep --

So what do you think of Pennsylvania's primary?

Also, how were your teeth and gums? Is it like a tornado in a trailer park in there? (oh, oh, yes I know that was offensive. it's okay. these are my people, except my mom couldn't even afford a trailer.)

18th-Apr-2008 06:46 am - Hey!
Haven't posted in a bit - sorry about that!  Re: antidepressants - that does suck.  I had a doctor once who refused to write a prescription for a generic version of my drug b/c "you never know".  He had name-brand freebies all over his office.  I switched doctors.

I'm currently procrastinating going to the dentist because I haven't been in forever.  My gums look really messed up and I'm afraid of what they'll say.  How stupid am I?

I'm cranky today and I have a lot of work to do, plus an "employee issue".  Sigh.  

Love to owl

17th-Apr-2008 03:58 pm - theme & picture
greek owl
okay i changed our "theme" so that we could display our individual user pics in our posts.  this makes me happy.  also it wasted a good 10 minutes of my life.

my antidepressant dose is going up, in part because the fucking insurance company won't cover the non-generic formulation of the one-a-day version of my current dose; i fail to maintain medication schedule on a two-a-day dose.  so, i either have to increase, or decrease, my dose, in order to get the generic version of my medication. 

how fucked up is that?
15th-Apr-2008 09:26 pm - hard hard day
greek owl
today was a hard day.

we had a dr appt at 945 -- we're into the every 2 weeks schedule.  that went fine.  afterwards we were supposed to go see one of m's colleagues who had a baby on sunday -- but we got into a silly fight just beforehand so i was pissy, and went home afterward instead of having lunch with m. 

at home i discovered that the water was turned off -- without notice -- by people working in the basement.  then i discovered that the gas was also turned off -- without notice.  annoyed i went out to a cafe to work.  but i was unproductive.

then i came home and the house was filled with gas.  why?  because the men working had put the gas back on but while it was off our pilot lights in our stove went off, of course.  they hadn't thought of this.  i was quite angry.  so i dealt with our house, then went through and dealt with the other apartments. 

i called & bitched to the landlord.  the landlord (D) wants to be our friend.  she's a nice woman & she's an activist & i support that, but we have a business relationship, and that doesn't really work well with friendship.  for instance she increases our rent every year, come hell or high water.  and we moved in knowing it was a fixer-upper, but appreciating the general vibe and the layout and the promise of a collegial cooperative-style housing arrangement.  but the collegial cooperative-style housing arrangement never manifested: she moved in a girl (K/G) she was fucking onto another floor and that went south quickly.  that person was annoying as hell with a dog that barked all the time, and K/G let it shit in the small patch of green on the side of our house.  where the garbage is kept.  the garbage that K/G doesn't ever take to the curb. 

anyway that person was replaced by 3 people -- one putatively queer girl, one straight girl, and one straight boy.  there are many people in and out of the house and the straight girl's boyfriend i believe basically lives here.  which means one more car to compete with for parking in front of our house.  very annoying.

anyway people were working in the basement loudly until 9 at night.  (we're on the first floor so when i say loudly i mean it.)  i went down at 830 and told them to wrap it up. 

.... the good news is that yoohoo is doing fine: very active, possibly a little big for her/his age.

-- owl
14th-Apr-2008 04:16 pm - back to religious cults:
greek owl
Some relevant links:

-- owl
12th-Apr-2008 12:30 am - babbitt disappoints
greek owl
that's really too bad about babbitt.  he was one of he clinton administrators i didn't half mind.

... yo -- i learned a cool CSS trick just now.  to make text or symbols or whatever always appear in a particular element, you can use 

    CONTENT: sometext-or-string-or-code
    ; }

the tricky thing, for me anyway, is that to use the usual ISO html codes (like ">" for "greater than"), you have to use a unicode hexadecimal.  it took me a long time to figure that and then to figure out what the hell the typographic symbol that i wanted was called in plain english (apparently, "raquo" - right angled quotation) and then how to get that in unicode and in HEX unicode. 

but now i have things like, on my blog at http://lquilter.net/blog/ , everything that i tag with <cite> </cite>  automatically gets a little &#187; in front of it.  heh heh.

and so, content, i can now go to sleep.

good night!

--a wiser owl
11th-Apr-2008 11:22 am - Those Adorable Polygamists

Here's disturbing quote from a Phoenix New Times story in 2002: 

"Colorado City was once called Short Creek. It became infamous in 1953 after Governor Howard Pyle ordered state police to arrest and jail all married men on charges of bigamy, adultery and rape. Pyle also ordered the National Guard to round up all the women and children and bring them to Phoenix, where they were held as wards of the state for two years. 

Pyle's action proved disastrous to his political future. Photographs of police pulling babies from their fathers' arms inflamed public opposition to the raid. Prosecutors were unable to secure significant convictions because it was difficult to prove bigamy since most of the marriages were not legally recorded. 

"You get killed quicker in government doing your duty than turning your back," Pyle was quoted as saying at the time, according to a March 4, 2001, article in the Denver Post. 

Pyle was defeated in the next election. 

The hands-off policy continued during former attorney general and governor Bruce Babbitt's era. In a 1986 Associated Press article, Babbitt defended the residents as hardworking, God-fearing people and said he did not want to delve into personal lives."

11th-Apr-2008 10:56 am - hugs then plus more
greek owl
hugs to little O, and to you!

is the move definite? are you guys really seriously looking now?

more from liz (my friend) on the current status of the mormon people: http://badgerbag.typepad.com/badgerbag/

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